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November, 2023

What is 3D Landscape Design 

Traditional landscape design takes a 2D approach, usually with a drawn or rendered image of a birds-eye view of the space. This can make it hard to visualize how your design will look because, well, you’re not a bird.  

3D landscape design takes a more human approach- using sophisticated technology. We will render a 3D landscape design of your space before work begins to ensure your vision can come to life- exactly how it looks in your head. Take a look at your backyard from your porch, see how high your fence looks from the ground level, and glance at your view without that ugly tree all with the power of 3D.  

Benefits of 3D Landscape Design 

Imagine seeing your new space represented with true colors, size, and shape all before construction begins. 3D Landscape Design takes the guess work out of the design process and allows you to clearly communicate your design needs with the Double or Nothing team.  

We will use the true colors of your house, surrounding environment, materials and plants in the rendering so you can imagine the completion of your design before we even break ground. We will iterate the design together, in 3D, until it’s perfect. 

Can’t decide on a hardscape material? We can share renderings that compare multiple options so you can see how they will really look in your space with this immersive design experience.  

Want to see what your install will look like when it is freshly planted? What about when it is in full bloom, or fully grown in a few years? Check out all eventualities in your space to ensure you are going with a design that will serve you for years to come.

Most Common 3D Landscape Design Types 

Pavers, Rock Beds, Pool Decks, Backyard Design, Fire Pits, Backyard Walkways, Garden Beds and more are all great candidates.   

If you can dream it, we can render it- in 3D! All of the images in this article are real examples of our work.

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