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November. 2023

Privacy Fence Building 

A privacy fence is a tall, deep fence that obstructs the view completely. There is little or no space between slats of the fence ensuring prying eyes and weeds alike stay on the other side.  

Adding a Privacy Fence to your home is a great way to increase property value, privacy, and security of your backyard. We’re here to share some of the benefits of this unique style of fencing, and to show you why you should go with Double or Nothing Lawnscapes for your own fence if you’re on the Peninsula! 

Benefits of a Privacy Fence


Like the name implies, a privacy fence will make your backyard feel like a secluded oasis. Create a space that is free from your neighbor’s view for your family to relax in.

Additionally, you can use a privacy fence to reduce ambient noise- a must for those living near busy roads and schools. 


In addition to obstructing views of neighbors, roads, or other unsightly things, a privacy fence also increases your home security. Think of the fence as a bugler deterrent that encases your home like a fortress.  

Your privacy fence will also protect against the elements. In world with more extreme weather every year, adding a privacy fence to your home will ensure your items will be hit with less direct win, sunlight, and rain. With a privacy fence surrounding your home, you can even save on utility bills! 


Upgrading your space with a privacy fence is the perfect way to elevate your well-loved outdoor space. According to Progressive, adding a privacy fence can even increase your property value. That’s beauty for your backyard and beauty for your wallet! 

Why have Double or Nothing Build your Privacy Fence

You could go with anyone to build your privacy fence, but your home deserves a Double or Nothing Privacy fence!

Here’s why: 

  • We use only the highest quality materials and all jobs come with a 15 year warranty 
  • Our process is unique. We go beyond industry standard by ensuring 
    • All fence posts are 31 inches deep with 80 lbs of concrete per post 
    • Gate posts are 6×6 with 160lbs of concrete per post 
    • 9 nails are used per picket 
    • 24 3-inch coated deck screws are used to affix the fence to the post 
  • We offer $0 financing on all projects. Click here to pre-qualify 

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