Chain Link Fence Installation and Custom Cantilever Gates

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March, 2024

New! Chain Link Fence Installation in Poquoson, VA

Double or Nothing Lawnscapes is pleased to announce that we now install Chain Link Fence and Cantilever Gates throughout the Poquoson, VA area and all over the lower Peninsula. These durable, cost effective fences have low maintenance and will last you a lifetime.  

As usual, we offer $0 financing on all projects. Get pre-qualified here.  

Why Choose Chain Link for your New Fence Installation

You might think of chain link fences as too low to be functional or ugly, but there are plenty of design decisions you can make to ensure your chain link fence is the talk of your neighborhood. Fencing, even chain link, can be up to 6-8 feet in height to ensure maximum safety for what is enclosed.  

Chain link fence is affordable, too! Compared to other fence materials that deteriorate overtime, chain link will stand the test of time at your home standing up to extreme weather. 

Rust and Corrosion prevention are built-in to chain link fences. The galvanized coating of the metal ensures the longevity of your new fence 

Double or Nothing Lawnscapes uses our 15 years of artisan experience to properly fit chain link fences. This means you can trust that your fence posts are deep enough to withstand strong wind, and last your family a lifetime. 

What are Custom Cantilever Gates

In addition to chain link fences, the Double or Nothing Team is thrilled to announce that we now offer custom Cantilever Gates for your fencing project.  

Cantilever Gates are a trackless gate system where the entire gate retracts and is tucked behind the fence when the gate is open. The gates remain suspended in the air when opening and closing. Traditional track-run chain link gates run across the ground and are not as heavy duty as cantilever gates. 

Benefit of Cantilever Gates

Good for Uneven of Varying Surfaces

Whether you have high grass, deal with snow, live on a hill, or have an uneven terrain where you want the gate, cantilever gates have got you covered. The hovering nature of how the gate opens ensure that it will not get suck in your landscaping like a traditional track-driven gate would. 

Low Maintenance 

There is no track to be cleared or maintained, so cantilever gates are very low maintenance. Just ensure the gate joints are lubricated and you are good to go!  


These gates are very safe, especially compared to traditional gates. That is because you cant lift up a cantilever gate. It only moves left to right, and when it is locked in place it cannot be moved. Traditional track- driven gates can be lifted to pushed back to be broken into. Don’t leave your home’s safety up to chance. Get your new chain link fence and cantilever gate today! 

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