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April, 2024

Why your Hampton Home Deserves a Landscaping Upgrade

With spring and summer just around the corner, it’s time to spruce up your home’s landscaping! Improving curb appeal is a great reason to spruce up your landscaping, but there are more reasons than that to take the plunge.  

Did you know fresh landscaping can actually improve the property value of your home? That’s right, according to Bankrate, new landscaping can improve your homes value by up to a whopping 20%! (For those big, transformative jobs, of course!) 

Additionally, the right landscaping can help your home regulate temperature better, provide ground support for better drainage after storms, and encourage local fauna to thrive.  

What will your New Landscaping Be?

Depending on your budget and vision, there are variety of upgrades available to your home or business. Landscaping projects can build upon themselves over time, so don’t feel like you need to accomplish all of your landscaping goals in one season. Even small changes help to polish off your space and look great! Taking care of your lawn and landscaping through the preventative penny-pinching ideas below ensure your home continually looks photo-ready and is safe for your family and pets while splurge-worthy upgrades will give your space a whole new look that will benefit you for years to come. 

Splurge Worthy Upgrades

  • Tree and Bush Removal– Make transformative chances to your lawn or woodland space. 
  • Hardscaping– A new patio, driveway or boarders are just one call away from breaking ground! 
  • Fence Installation– Add security, beauty, and privacy to your space. 

Worth the Penny Pinch

  • Mulch– Give your landscaping a shape up! 
  • Sod Installation– To make your lawn pop. 
  • Mole Prevention– Keep these menaces to a minimum with preventative care. 
  • Balancing PH Levels– Improve nutrient availability for your existing lawn. 
  • Topsoil and Seeding– Make your grass grow in green, strong, and with less weeds! 
Landscape Design Image

How to Find a Qualified Landscaping Company in Hampton for your Home

  • Licensing and Insurance– Be sure to only hire companies who are licensed and insured- full stop. This protects your home, and the work being done on it. DON Lawnscapes ia a Class A Bonded contractor. Meaning, we signed a financial guarantee with the State of Virginia promising to follow all codes and regulations they set forth. Would you really want to work with a company that can’t promise the same?  
  • Years of Experience– Plenty of local contractors and lawnscape companies use hired-hands with little experience to work on your lawn. Their lack of tenure could effect the job they do. Here at DON, you can rest assured that our team has the experience your project requires. 
  • Warranty Work- If your landscaping company doesn’t have a warranty for their work… RUN! Double or Nothing Lawnscapes is happy to provide a 15-year warranty for all our work.  
  • Word of Mouth Reviews– Click here for our review page! 

Double or Nothing Lawnscapes, your Hampton Landscaping Company

Here at Double or Nothing Lawnscapes, we know a thing or two about landscaping in Hampton. Since we have been locally owned and operated since 2009, we are experts on what holds up in Hampton’s unique climate. We will make a plan for your space based on the time of year the work will occur. Our exptert landscape designers will work with you every step of the way to ensure your vision is achieved.  

Beyond landscaping, we offer other services like concrete slab installation, pressure washing and more! Click around our website for more ideas, and be sure to reach out when you are ready to get started!   

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