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May, 2024

Landscaping and Lawnscaping should be a continuous part of your home’s maintenance. Even simple care tasks like trimming your bushes can have a paramount improvement to your space over time. Here at Double or Nothing Lawnscapes, you have a great company right in your backyard. We serve Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, and York county (and more!) In this blog post, we will share four reasons you should keep up with the maintenance of your landscaping. When you’re ready to book, click the link below to get started. We hope to work with you soon! 

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4 Benefits of Regular Landscaping Maintenance

1. Let your Existing Landscaping Thrive

Landscaping maintenance is a very worthwhile investment for any home. Ensure your investment is protected by regularly maintaining your landscaping. With regular maintenance, your space will mature into beautiful specimens. Ignoring regular maintenance tasks could jeopardize the longevity of your landscaping and put your investment at risk. Think about it like a haircut, the more you get a trim to keep up with your desired style, the healthier your hair is! 

2. Control Weeds and Pests

Disease will threaten the overall stability of your landscaping. Beyond that, poorly maintained spaces are a breeding ground for unwanted pests. Grubs, for example, will take no time burying themselves into your landscaping and multiplying before your eyes! Don’t let these pesky pests take over. Once a colony is established, it is much harder to get rid of. Hire Double or Nothing Lawnscapes to come in and give your landscaping a little spruce up with trimming and removing damaged or diseased trees/bushes

Weeds are relentless, and so are their seeds. Allowing weeds, vines, and unwanted flowers like dandelions to grow to maturity ensures that they will spread their seeds over your yard. Regular maintenance of weeds reduce the likelihood of seeds spreading. 

3. Money, Money, Money, Money! (Money!) 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again- A well landscaped property adds value to your home. Check out this recent blog post to learn more about why! Need we say more?

4. Professionally Maintained Lawns are Less Expensive to Care For 

Pricey Emergency Treatments can add up right before your eyes. It is much more expensive to take down a tree than it is to just trim it. (But hey, we do both, and would love your business for all of your tree and bush needs!) 

There are a lot of risk ignoring your trees, bushes and landscaping if they need attending to. From falling trees, to property damage, don’t wait until there is an emergency to call us in.  

Double or Nothing Lawnscapes- Landscaping Maintenance Experts

Your home, and your landscaping, deserves year-round attention. The Double or Nothing Lawnscapes team is ready to answer your call and help you with all things landscaping. We are a Class A Licensed and Bonded company with over 15 years of experience. Our experts will work with you to design, price, and implement an awesome plan that will make your home the talk of the neighborhood. Contact us down below to get started. We offer financing on all jobs and can’t wait to work with you.  

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