New Fence Installation in Poquoson and York Counties, Virginia

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January, 2024

Getting a new fence installed in your home can increase property value, keep your family and pets safe, mark your property lines with ease. Double or Nothing Lawnsapes is your Hampton area partner for all things fencing. See a previous post on our Privacy Fencing options here. Read ahead for more on installing a new fence in Poquoson York, and Hampton! 

Choosing the Right Material for your New Fence in Poquoson and York, VA

The material you choose for your new fence is important. Consult our design experts on the pros and cons for all materials before you jump into construction.  

Wood- True wood is a cost-effective material to provide your Hampton property with curb appeal and privacy. Wood will weather overtime, and require repainting or staining to ensure longevity.  

Vynl- A great choice for tall privacy fences, vynl doesn’t weather like wood. Choose from a variety of finishes to match your fence perfectly to existing design choices on your property.  

Metal or Chain- This industrial-style fencing could be a good fit for your property depending on your needs. More durable and long-lasting that our previous options, using metal or chain will ensure intruders stay out, and your property stays secure.  

Privacy fence from the inside

Ensure your new Fence is Safe for your Family and Space 

Beyond adding a bit of curb appeal, a new fence is pivotal to keeping your family and home safe. Double or Nothing Lawnscapes in Hampton, Virginia can enclose unsightly utilities, drains, trash/compost bins discretely with top-quality fencing. We can contain your pool, section off your property, or enclose your backyard, too! Installing a new fence is a safety measure for many families who can rest easy knowing that pets, children (and their balls) are safely housed inside your new fence. 

DIY Fence Installation is physically demanding and expensive, rely on your Poquoson area experts instead 

The labor cost of installing a new fence might seem daunting, but consider this: installing a new fence is challenging work. The professional-grade materials needed to sink and level a fence effectively is expensive and takes a trained artisan to maneuver. Here at double or nothing. The Double or Nothing team brings over 15 years of experience to every job we complete. There are serious safety concerns when installing a new fence, as well as municipal codes to consider. DON Lawnscapes takes the difficult work out of your hands to let you look forward to the fun stuff- completing a 3D rendering with our designers, and layin’ back until project completion.  

How We Make your New Fence Stand the Test of Time after Installation 

We here at Double or Nothing Lawnscapes, your York VA fencing experts, pride ourselves on our exceptional craftsmanship. This includes using industry-leading best practices to ensure your new fence has a nice long life.

Here’s how we stand out: 

  • Fence posts are dug 31inches into the ground and fortified with 80 lbs of concrete each 
  • Gate posts are durable 6x6s with 160lbs of concrete each 
  • Each section of your new fence has 24 3-inch deck screws holding it together for maximum support and longevity. 

The Double or Nothing Lawnscapes Team is ready to create a dedicated plan for your yard to help you achieve your perfect vision. When you’re ready to get a free estimate for us install your new fence, click the link below to reach out. We offer Financing on all projects. Click here to pre-qualify

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