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April, 2024

Fencing can provide great privacy, protection from the elements, and are a sure-fire way to keep your kids and pets safe from getting into the street. Whatever your reason for a new fence, the DON Lawnscaping team is your Peninsula Fencing Guru! 

Our friends at Chesapeake Fencing found that up to 33% of millennial first-time home buyers made their final decision the house based on whether or not the house had a fenced in yard. Even if resale value isn’t on the top of your mind, its still a good idea to add or upgrade your fence here on the Peninsula. Fencing is a great investment, with a high Return on Value for the customer.  

We will walk you through fencing options, and other things to consider in this edition of the Double or Nothing Lawnscaping Blog. When you’re ready to get started on your project, reach out to us via the contact button below.  


How to Choose the right type of fencing for your home

There are a variety of fencing options you can choose from depending on your budget, timeline, and project vision.  

Chain Link Fence with Cantilever Gates, are great for industrial projects, farms, or large fields. Did you know we can even create CUSTOM Cantilever Gates for your chain link fence? Click the link to learn more.  

Wood Fencing is cost effective, and undoubtedly a classic choice for any home. Wood, however, will age overtime and may require resealing or repainting down the line 

Unlike wood, vinyl fencing does not wear, and will stand the test of time making it a great option for privacy or pool fencing. Choose from a wide variety of color and design to perfectly match your aesthetic to your new fence.  

 We put a lot of work into our Peninsula Fencing projects to make it perfect for you. We employ artisans who use 3D Landscaping Design technology to expertly plan and design your new fence.  

Why Hire a Pro


DON Lawnscapes has been your Peninsula Fencing Company since 2009. Trust us, we’ve seen a LOT of fences. We have developed beyond-industry standard practices to ensure your fence is as perfect as it can be.

Warranty and Insurance

Picture this: you finish your DIY Fence and it looks great! But then a month later after a strong storm, your gate has collapsed, some areas of the fence sunk in too far, and a few panels flew off in the wind.

 Now what? Pay to fix it yourself and hope it doesnt happen again? Save yourself the headache and trust DON Lawnscapes, and our 15-year warranty, to fix any problems that come up over time. We stand by our work and will come back to make tweaks if need be. 

 Save Time

Even though it may seem like DIYing your fence is a good idea, you should trust the pros instead. We will complete your project in much less time, on budget, and you don’t have to lift a finger! 

How We Set Ourselves Apart

We are licensed, insured, and bonded Class A Contractors. Here’s how our fences stand up: 

-Fence posts are dug 31inches into the ground and fortified with 120 lbs of concrete each 

-Gate posts are durable 6x6s with 160lbs of concrete each  

-Each section of your new fence has 24 3-inch deck screws holding it together for maximum support and longevity 

-We bring the concrete up to grade to ensure your posts are NEVER exposed to ground water 

Don’t take our word for it.. We won Best Fencing Company in Hampton for 2022 according to!

Your House: Our Next Peninsula Fencing Project

We can’t wait to get started on your new fence so you can enjoy your space to the fullest. We offer financing on all projects. 

Beyond fencing, we offer other services like concrete slab installation, pressure washing and more! Click around our website for more ideas, and be sure to reach out when you are ready to get started!   

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