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March, 2024

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure Washing is a cleaning technique that uses a, you guessed it, high pressure waster stream. The pressure of the water ensures all dirt and debris are blasted off. You might get pressure washing confused with power washing, but they are a little different! Power washing requires the pressurized water to be heated before it is used. Heating the water up could be useful in some jobs, but usually the regular tap water works just fine! 

This technique can remove chemicals like oil spills on your driveway or in your garage, salt from your front stoop, and so much more. Read on for more info about how Double or Nothing Lawnscapes is your Newport News Pressure Washing go-tos! 

What can Double or Nothing Pressure wash for you?

Home: Windows, Siding, Brick, Stucco and other types of siding. 

Yard: Driveway, Deck/Patio, Concrete Slabs, Garage Door, Shed, Pergola, Grill, Fencing 

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What are the Benefits?

  1. Removes harmful contaminants, alge mold and mildew, from surfaces. We know mold is dangerous for our health, but did you know its also dangerous for your home’s materials? If not removed regularly alge and mold can become a part of your siding. This effects the look and quality of the materials over time.  
  2. Curb Appeal: You work hard for your things- isn’t it time they reflect that? Pressure washing can breathe new life into your items and spaces. Remove years of ugly dirt and wear quickly with our help.
  3. Preparing for more work: If you are planning to get your home painted, or other outside upgrades, consider pressure washing the space first to ensure a smooth application! Even if your upgrade plan for our house is just landscaping, adding a freshly pressure washed home, patio, and driveway will make your green additions POP!  

The No-Nos

Almost all of the “No-Nos” with pressure washing are around safety. These machines are dangerous, powerful, and need to be respected. If you do decide to embark on your pressure washing journey alone, there are a few things you need to know. Remember, don’t ever point the hose at people, your feet, corners, or straight up. Depending on the nozzle and attachments you use, pressure washing streams can rip the skin right off of your foot! Be safe, and hire a professional.  

Pressure washing

Why Hire a Professional to Pressure Wash your space?

While it might seem like an ‘easy’ job, pressure washing your own space isn’t always a great idea. Homeowner-grade pressure washers are usually small and best suited for tiny spaces. It would take forever to do a full driveway, patio, or let alone house! DON Lawnscapes has the power (no pun intended) to do your pressure washing job quickly and correctly.  

We have various cleaning chemicals that we employ, and we take extra precaution to ensure these do not leak into the surrounding waterways. Our industrial nozzles and attachments mean that DON can expertly wash a variety of surfaces on the same day.  

Angles, distance, and speed are very important to the final product of pressure washing. Our artisans have perfected this craft, making them a better bet than trying to tackle your project DIY.  

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We offer financing on all projects with $0 down! You can trust our 15+ years of experience to get the job done right- we even have a 15-year craftsmanship guarantee. Additionally, we are locally owned and family operated here in Hampton, Virginia. Double or Nothing Lawnscapes services Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Poquoson, and York Counties. Reach out and check out this link to get started on your dream space.

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