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December, 2023

Did you know that well-landscaped homes can increase your home value by 1%-10% according to a recent Real Estate Agent Study? If you’re tired of looking at that unsightly, dead, or overgrown bush or shrubbery, let us come ease your mind and remove bushes safely. 

How Do I Know if My Bush Needs to be Removed?

  • You hate it- that’s reason enough! 
  • Pest infestation- termites, ants, and other unwanted visitors might have taken over your bushes and shrubs. Take back your space by removing the bush safely 
  • Structural disease- even hardy varieties of bushes and shrubs can get sick 
  • Hazardous to your home- maybe it’s be a foundation issue, a bush growing into power lines, or a bush covered in thorns 
  • Overgrown- Clearing out a property line or neglected, overgrown bushes is hard work to do alone 
  • Hazardous to animals, pets, humans- Some shrubs might be dangerous to your pets, covered in ivy or diseased in another harmful way.  


Keep your family safe by removing the bush safely.

image of bush pulled out of ground

DIY? More like Ay, Ay, Ay!

While it might be tempting to remove that unsightly bush on your own, we certainly do not recommend it. Here’s Why: 

Hidden Root Systems/Stumps might be deep into the ground and hard to remove without proper equipment 

Proper Disposal of stumps, bushes, and shrubs might be complicated depending on its variety. A professional lawnscape company knows the proper methods of disposal and have access to the complex machinery required. 

Utility Lines like gas, electricity, and internet lines can be buried on your property.

It will be an expensive DIY to remove bushes safely on your own. Instead, rely on experts to come with proper equipment instead of purchasing digging, lifting, grinding, and cutting tools on your own. t

Choose Double or Nothing Lawnscapes to Remove Bushes Safely

The Double or Nothing Lawnscapes Team is ready to create a dedicated plan for your yard to help you achieve your perfect vision. We share our 15 years of expertise with you and your family to safely remove the bush that has been bothering you. Rest assured, Double or Nothing Lawnscapes will properly remove and dispose of all unwanted or dangerous shrubbery and put new shrubbery in its place, and render your new design in 3D to boot! (Read more on that here 

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