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April, 2024

Tree and Bush Trimming, like many lawnscape projects that require heavy machinery, should be done by a professional. Double or Nothing Lawnscapes is ready to trim your trees and bushes in Newport News and Hampton to perfection! Read on to learn more about why, how, and when its time to call in the pros.  

Why Trim Your Trees and Bushes?

Tree Structure (and Beauty)- Young trees and bushes need to be trimmed back to ensure their proper development. Shrubs that are left unruly will not grow into a mature, dense, bush or topiary that it would with proper trimming. Trimming also allows your plants to focus their energy into growing a great root structure instead of ‘wasting’ energy on lanky unruly branches. 

Trimming back your trees and bushes also allows the inner, usually more shaded areas of the plant to get proper light. This extra light means the plant can take in new resources from the sun and produce even more blooms and buds for you! The best time to trim your trees on the ‘off’ season when the plant is not actively growing. The second best time for tree trimming is now! Get the job done before it gets out of hand. Even if you can already see buds and blooms, it pays dividends to keep them trimmed. 

Beyond beauty and structure, keeping your trees and bushes trimmed will help them reduce illness, prevent leaning stay stronger for longer! There are plenty of reasons to keep your trees and bushes trimmed, and were just barely scratching the surface.  

Tree Trimming

Risks of Ignoring Tree and Bush Trimming

Falling Trees

This could result in property or infrastructure damage with larger trees.

Illness or Fungus Take Over

Keep the health of your bushes and trees in tip top shape with regular maintenance- like a haircut!

Excess Pollen from Over-Blooming

Save the hay fever for the horses and trim away the aggravating, pollen-producing buds.

P.S. Waiting too long to trim your trees and bushes could actually mean its harder to do next season. Have you ever seen a tree that got trimmed too late? It often looks like a big trunk with no branches, which…isn’t exactly beautiful! Don’t leave your specimens to the same fate. Trimming them regularly ensures the tree or bush can grow in a more natural, energy efficient way for future years. 

Steps for Tree and Bush Trimming, it's more than you imagine!

You might be tempted to trim your own trees or bushes, but have you thought about ALL the steps that entails?  

Let’s start with trees- the trickiest to deal with. Dealing with tall trees is inherently dangerous because of fall risks, but beyond that its really hard to navigate a true tree trim as a one man team. Additionally, you need to haul away or grind the trimming you cut off. Fresh cuttings, even from large trees, can’t immediately be used as firewood because it is too moist. Rely on the DON Lawnscapes team to properly take care of the cuttings so you don’t have to deal with them.  

Trimming bushes might seem easy but there are a few nuances that you should know about. All branches that take an angle more than 45% should be trimmed to help ensure the integrity of the bush over time. Overpruning is a real risk for small bushes that they might not come back from. Remember, never prune more than 1/3 at a time.  

In some instances, your tree or bush might need a little more than trimming. In some cases, it might need removing, click here to learn more about when to remove over trimming.  

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