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January, 2024

Trees are great assets to any home or business. They provide shade, improve curb appeal, and some even share their bounty with flowers and fruit for us to use. But, there comes a time when a tree must be removed. Old trees might be dying or diseased while others need to be removed to make room for a remodel or to change up the landscape. In this article we will share how to determine if a tree needs to be removed, how to keep your trees safe, and where to go for all of your tree removal realted work in the Peninsula.  

When Tree Removal Becomes and Emergency

There are a few reasons for emergency Tree Removal that we want to share before continuing on. If your tree is like the ones described below, give us a call right away to assess.  

Touching a Power Line | Tree Fallen Over | Roots Newly Exposed | Hollow Trunk 

We will come to you to assess your trees in Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Poquoson, York County, and Carrolton VA. 

Tree Removal: Signs and Symptoms of Dying Trees

Besides looks, there are plenty of other non-emergency reasons to remove your tree. Keep an eye on your trees and look for these signs that you might need to get it removed. 

Leaning – This shows the tree’s roots are weakened. Leaning trees are at a higher risk of falling. 

Large, Dead Branches– Could mean the end is nigh for your tree. Check if your tree is alive by scraping off some bark on a branch. If the inside of the tree is bright and moist, it is most likely alive. If it is cracked, brittle or hollow, it is dead and needs to be removed. 

Mushroom or Fungus near the Roots– While usually adorable, mushrooms and other fungus is a sign of weakness in your tree. Something is awry with the internal workings of the tree to make it habitable for these invasive issues. 

Cosmetic Changes– Peeling back, cracks in the tree, dry or missing leaves could all be signs of tree damage.

Keeping an eye on your trees is pivotal to their existence. Look out for the issues noted above, and call in the Tree Professionals at Double or Nothing Lawnscapes to assess.  

Caring for Trees

Noting changes in your trees is a great way to ensure you can treat them, instead of removing them, if an issue arises. Be sure to properly prune your trees, ensure they are getting proper nutrition (like water and fertilizer), and prepare them for extreme weather headed your way.  Even large, seemingly eternal, trees will need your help to stay healthy and thriving.  

Ensure your landscaping company is properly caring for your trees to help extend their life. By the way, we at DON Lawnscapes are also landscaping experts, so give us a call to lead the continuing care of your yard and check out our other services here.

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