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April, 2024

This humble mix is the unsung hero of your garden and landscaping. It is viewed as aesthetic, but it has a lot of value beyond looks. Keep reading for tips on the best kind of mulch, the benefits of mulch, and how Double or Nothing Lawnscapes can transform your space with this humble mix. 

What is Mulch? Better yet, what is GOOD mulch?

Mulching at its core, is a layer of material laid over soil. Mulch can be organic, meaning it is made from natural material, or it can be inorganic. Inorganic mulch is not ideal because it doesn’t allow for nutrient flow like organic mulch. You may have seen inorganic mulch in a playground pit to help ensure that kids don’t get splinters after the slide. This use of inorganic mulch makes sense because the mulch isn’t really there for any other reason. For home and garden use, however, organic mulch is the way to go. 

Many materials can be considered mulch, wood chips, pine bark, leaves, straw, grass, even stone! While one-material mixes can certainly be beneficial for your home, a mix of materials is really the best bang for your buck because it supplies your garden with the most nutrients. So, when your fallen leaves and grass clippings stop being useful, call Double or Nothing Lawnscapes to raise the stakes! 

As mentioned, nutrients of the mulch are a huge benefit for any garden or landscaping. Depending on where you live, and what you’re growing, your mulch needs can change. Don’t gamble on benefits with a store bought bag of who knows what. You could be wasting your money on a mulch that doesn’t fit your climate, has inorganic materials, or you could buy a mulch made from highly unsustainable harvesting practices. 

What can be Mulched?

Garden Bed

Whether vegetable or functional garden, a layer of mulch is a good idea. This can protect your plants and crops from pests, dryness, and ugliness too!


You can used colored organic mulch to tie your shrubbery all together making for a cohesive, charming space

Bare Soil

There are a number of benefits of mulching, that we will go into momentarily, so its a good idea to survey your yard and landscaping for bare soil. These spots are prime for mulching!

P.S. While it’s a great idea for most areas, there are a few places to avoid. First, do not place mulch in a low lying area that has a lot of standing water accumulated there. Additionally, it can be a bad idea to put wood-based mulch up against a heavily wooded area. This could potentially attract termites and do more harm than good. Overall, working with a professional for all of your mulching needs is a great way to ensure it is placed in all of the proper places! 

Benefits of Mulch

  • Beneficial Fungi Grow:  Did you know that fungi and mushroom growth is super good for plants? It’s true! Adding a layer of mulch to your landscaping makes for a very beneficial environment for the fungus, Learn more about this amazing tree network here!  
  • Moisture and temperature control: Use mulch to prevent the harsh sun from evaporating water from the roots of your plants. Especially here on the Peninsula, it gets hot and windy in the summer which can spell trouble for your lawn. Protect it with mulch! 
  • Buffer for erosion and run off: You probably spend a lot of money on your fertilizers and soil, so don’t let all of that hard work wash away with the rain! Additionally, mulch will help prevent your spoil from getting too compact and not receiving water well for future nutrient benefits. 
  • Weed Control: Mulch acts as a preventative to weeds because growing weeds will not have the access to air and water through the mulch. THey wont germinate, blocks the seeds that fly around with the wind, if they do sprout they will be less likely to thrive 

Result: Abundant, supple plants that you can enjoy all season long!  

Mulch Red Tint

Your House: Our Next Hampton Mulch Project

We can’t wait to get started on your new mulching project so you can enjoy your space to the fullest. We offer financing on all projects. 

Beyond fencing, we offer other services like concrete slab installation, pressure washing and more! Click around our website for more ideas, and be sure to reach out when you are ready to get started!   

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