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May, 2024

Fencing is a great way to protect your space, and a bit of curb appeal. Whether you want to resurface, update, or completely redo your fence, it can feel like a big undertaking. Here at Double or Nothing Lawnscapes we are your fencing experts in Hampton, Newport News, and Williamsburg Virginia. In this blog post, we will answer some fencing FAQ and share why we would love your business.  


1. What kind of Fencing or Fence Material is right for me?

Double or Nothing Lawnscapes are fencing experts that can advise you on all kinds of fencing projects. We offer a wide variety of fencing types and material options. Let’s talk through those now! 

Privacy Fence– This is the perfect choice for pools, busy roads, or corner homes. A privacy fence is a tall, view-blocking fence that has little to no spaces between slats. Prevent wandering eyes, keep pets in and other animals out with this option. We go into more detail in this blog post. Check it out! 

Chain Link Fencing Use this option for a more industrial-style fence for your space. Chain Link Fencing can be used for large projects, as well! Whether 4 ft, 6, or 8ft, chain link fencing is a cost-effective way to contain your space.  

Wood– What a classic! Live your white-picket-fencing fantasy with this traditional touch. You can improve your homes value and curb appeal and save on cost by deciding on a wooden fence. 

Vinyl– Especially if you are in a storm prone area, vinyl might make the most sence for your new fencing project. Vinyl will stand the test of time, weather, and sun damage due to its sturdy structure. Unlike wooden fencing, vinyl will not need to be recovered, treated, or painted over time. Think of it as your ‘set it and forget it’ type of fencing 

2. How can Gates be Added to my Fence?

We are pleased to share that we now offer CUSTOM Cantilever Gates for your project. Check out full details here. Cantilever Gates are a trackless gate system where the entire gate retracts and is tucked behind the fence when the gate is open. The gates remain suspended in the air when opening and closing. Traditional track-run chain link gates run across the ground and are not as heavy duty as cantilever gates.   

3. What can I do to Upgrade my Fence without Redoing it Completely?

Paint or Stain– This is a great option for a little facelift of an otherwise well-kept fencing project. Be sure to sand down old paint before starting this project. The painting or staining technique is best used on wooden fences. If you have a chain link fence, consider finishing it with a plastic coating to breathe new life into the old steel. 

Pressure washing– This technique is great for wooden, or vinyl fencing. You’ll be shocked how much build up is on the fencing in your property! Pressure washing is tedious, and using a typical home-sized pressure washer might take a lot of passes to complete. Did you know your DON team is the Hampton, Newport News and Williamsburg pressure washing experts? Read more about that here, and contact us to get started! 

Refacing– Think of this like sanding off the top layer of your fence. This can be a good idea for wood even if you plan to also pressure wash or paint/stain the fence. Damaged wood can totally fine underneath that outer layer. Certainly, technique is worth a try before pulling up the entire fence. 

4. Who Should I trust to Install my New Fence? 

Double or Nothing Lawnscapes, of course! We are licensed, insured, and bonded Class A Contractors. You can trust us due to our tried-and-true standards that we use on all of our fencing projects. Our fence are dug 31 inches into the ground and fortified with 120lbs of concrete each! We fortify our gate posts with 160lbs of concrete to make sure that nothing will cause them to falter. Each section of fencing has 24 3-inch deck screws holding it together for maximum support and longevity for you and your family. We ensure your fence is never exposed to ground water by expertly bringing the concrete we use up to grade.  

Additionally, DON Team even won BEST Fencing Company in Hampton during 2022! We offer financing on all projects, and are eager to work with you! Reach out below to get a quote from our family-owned Hampton, Newport News, and Williamsburg fencing company. 

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